09 August 2006

Things seems to be moving on slowly

Typically there's nothing much I can do in the school recently, other than revising subjects and do exercises. Teachers are either busy with the exam papers or busy with the school jogathon preparations.
As for students, we just enjoy our free time having fun with friends and study. I dont think we'll be like that for the following weeks. Trial exam's just 1 month away, and the real SPM is just roughly 14 weeks away. When the day is getting closer, we dont really have the mood to play a prank or chit-chat with others.....

I was suppose to have a Geo class today, but Ms Lee's too busy with her jogathon stuff so the class was canceled at the last moment. Luckily I dont have to waste too much time, catch up with friends and went for lunch. 3T seems to be awkward today, laughing all the way from school to the restaurant.

Anyway, when we're back to the tuition centre, clerk inform us that Dr Haresh couldnt make it for today's class so the class' canceled. Wee~~~ I can go back home earlier than usual!

Talk about going home, something funny happened to me ystrdy. Sis was suppose to leave the key at a place I could get it since I didnt have the key, so when I reach home at 5pm, she's alrdy went out to fetch 2nd sis and mother. She did not place the key at the proper place and I couldnt get it.
Eventually I waited at my houseyard for 30 mins, playing ball and read some notes. When they come back they were laughing, oh well..... Consider myself lucky I'm not in a hurry for anything.
Things like this happened once in awhile, I stil can forgive it, but not when I really need the time to do something important...

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