07 August 2006


I felt a little uncomfortable these few days, one is about blogging and one is about the weather.

Since my sis return, I tried to write things when they're not around. Because of this my blog seems to be pausing.
I'm too used to write blogs all by myself, when no one's around so I can enjoy my music + write something I like. It's an enjoyment. :)

Almost exactcly 1 year ago, Malaysia was struck by haze. Hah, I stil can remember I've post some photos when I'm going out during the worst condition in KL. The liquid ooze in my nose are flowing like tap water, non-stop. I hate this happen while I'm sleeping, have to wake up few times to wipe off that nasty liquid. :
Kinda suprise that I've won 1st prize for the intellect quiz I've participated few weeks ago. I didnt write about it because that wasnt really a good day. Anyway the prizes are just nice, few books, a case, file.... etc. But what I really need is the benefit that I can borrow extra reference book from the library. At this moment I need reference book more than anything in school.

I was suppose to pass up ALL my BM homeworks today, Hnz said the books will be marked by school admin and will punish those who didnt pass up. Well, I ignore it and treat it like it's non of my business.
I learn by thinking, not always by doing homeworks, and I'm a little lazy to do homework sometimes. :P

The SPM trial exam will be held on Sept 11 til Sept 27 for my school. Sept 11? Reminds me of 2001 Sept 11 attack....

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  1. oh gosh.. imagine i have to go to school and look at once-upon-a-time-lushy-greens being jittered by saddist haze.. its just depressing and i get sick! darn they still burn the plantation in sumatera.. well good luck in trials.. i haven't finish studying anything and now in the panic mode.. haha..