09 August 2006

Rumours about Maksim's 4th album

The following info are taken from MaksimMrvica.com, full credit to the admin Sara, one of the craziest Maksim fan out there.

The title might be named "Electrik" or "Another New World", though it havent been finalize yet.

1. Requiem
2. Anvil Chorus “Verdi: ‘Il Trovatore” - (Giuseppe Verdi)
3. Carmen Act III - (Bizet)
4. In the Hall of the Mountain King from ‘Peer Gynt’ - (Edvard Greig)
5. Inspired by ‘Hindi Sad Diamonds’, from ‘Moulin Rouge’
6. Inspired by ‘Yulunga’ (Dead Can Dance)
7. Pictures in an Exhibition: Bydlo - (Mussorgsky)
8. Beyond Rangoon - (Hans Zimmer)
9. In Paradisum - (Fauré)
10. Anthem ‘Vangelis’ - (Tonci Hulijic)
11. Child In Paradise - (Jenkins)
12. Asian Girl - (Tonci Hulijic)
13. Inspired by a ‘Spanish Rhapsody’ - (Tonci Hulijic)
14. The Way Old Friends Do - (ABBA)
15. Prelude - (Bach)

Japan Bonus Track
16. Turandot

Tracks 5, 6 and 13 (the ones with ‘inspired by’), have not been finalised yet.


Although things havent been finalize yet, but I'm looking foward for this album. Maksim usuall release his album sometime in autumn, basically in Sept, so it's just 1 month to go for his new album.

Some of my opinions regarding the new album with the info I get right now....

  • Of course, this is another classical-crossover album, Maksim's unique music style.
  • Requiem? I dunno is this a new song or what, but Maksim did have a track named "Mozart's Requiem" as a bonus track for Japan version of "Variations"(2nd album). You can listen to it here.
  • I can see 2 familiar classical songs. "Carmen Act" by Bizet and "Hall of the Mountain King" by Grieg. I wonder will this be a pure classical or a rearranged version?
  • Tonci Huljic's involved in this album again. He's the mastermind behind Maksim's music. This time he's handling 3 tracks in the album, "Vangelis Anthem", "Asian Girl" & "Spanish Rhapsody". These 3 tracks sounds nice, it'll be great if the Vangelis Anthem is the anthem played during World Cup 2002... Also, Spanish Rhapsody, I hold high expectations on this song because my favourite Maksim song is composed by Huljic too, Croatian Rhapsody. Asian Girl? I bet that's a track dedicated to Maksim's fans in Asia. :)

    If there's anymore news about his new album, I'll keep it updated. For those who're new to Maksim, please go over MaksimWorld.com to listen for some sample tracks from his last album, "A New World".
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