16 August 2006

Life Goes On

These few days, I've came across some scenarios in life which I think it's kinda special and I felt myself are very fortunate and lucky to live in this condition. I'm contented with what I have right now.

I was walking to tuition centre with my friends ystrdy and came across a funeral procession. It's a traditional funeral, where the family are in blue cloth to express their last respect to the deceased. Well apparently, the deceased is the grandmother of my friend Hui Fong. Condolence to her and the rest of the family, I know the feeling being in a relative's funeral is very, very bad indeed.

So after ystrdy's tuition I and friends switch to taxi to go home at LRT Wangsa Maju station. We get into the car, and then the driver suddenly stops before the car leaves the station. There's a blind old man walking infront of the car, and the driver decided to get out and guide the blind man to the side. The taxi driver then continue to take us back home. After the driver guided the blind man to aside, another Indian lady came and help the blind man.

As a human, it's very normal to help each others, regardless your personal background or anything to be. We shouldnt felt ashamed when helping some unfortunate parties. If I came across with situation like this, of course I'll gladly help those people in need. Malaysians are actually very helpful and friendly.... It will be very nice if every Malaysian can do this, or I can say, anyone in the world.

When people are helping each others, we're in peace and living in a harmonious world. So, why there's still some parties like to attack the weaker parties like no one's business? We humanbeing should live in peace and not horror..... How stupid human can be, too.

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