17 August 2006

Black/Back to Red

Nothing much happening lately, except that I'm very upset with the school for wasting time to promote patriotism month on Wednesday morning, which is my "play time". Principal gave a speech lasted 30 mins, from 7.45 ~ 8.15. Then F5 were given lecture by Mdm Lau regarding our co-curiculum activities notes. Right.... wasted 3 periods and the boy's "play time" had been canceled, again. Crap!!

I was informed that the Dell monitor I ordered will be delivered tomorrow evening. But the problem is, suprisingly this Samsung CRT monitor I'm using now "recovered" to the normal stage.
Now I can see colorful graphics on the screen, rather than showing me black instead of red. I wonder how this hardware can fix the red pigment component by itself.... I dare not hit it like my friend suggest me to do.

Need to change? I guess so... since I've paid for the monitor. Moreover, LCD screen will be less harmful than CRT screen, a very important issue to be consider as I sit infront of computer most of the time.

Here's a flute piece I'd like to share.
"Desde El Altiplano" by Pedro Eustache.

(click to play)

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