15 August 2006


Phew.... it's been awhile I wrote about what I'm up to recently. Sis' reading the blog too.... have to be a little careful writing things, or they'll "wallup" me for good. :P

I've been doing exercises for few subjects as a practise. Many says that doing pass year questions will help to get better result, so I'm doing it now. I'm doing pretty well in Bio, but a little uncertain in some other subjects, like +Math.

Today Fakaruddin apologize regarding last weekend's extra class. Apparently he overslept, and when he wake up the class is over. Kinda felt sorry for him, being a full-time tuition teacher also cant get enough rest....

Nothing much to write then, elder sis CLY's flying back to Beijing tonight to continue her work. Might be meeting her again next year, or maybe this year end? Hmm.....

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