21 July 2006

A Great Journey

Today I've done something unusual. I walk from my school back to my house, almost 7km distance.

Spent around 1hour 30 minutes to getting there from end to end. It's a good exercise though, I didnt feel tired but I'm wet because of raining.

Maybe this isnt something special for anyone else, but for me it's another interesting experiment.

Hmm.... maybe later I'll post a screenshot from Google Earth to determind the more precise distance that I've covered.


Distance between school and home.
Exact distance is 6.75km.


  1. You are insane!!! siao-ness.. can die okay.!!! If I were to walk that far. I dun think i can even last fer half an hour.wud rather take a cab back.. lol.

  2. Well, I enjoy walking slowly while enjoying the scenery. Cant blame it, Wangsa Maju is such a wonderful place.... :P