20 July 2006

Football fever havent ended....

It seems that the football fever has just began within my schoolmates.
Now, more and more boys are driven to play football. More and more guys turn up for our Saturday morning football game. That's a good sign I guess.

More people playing means better game experience, compete with the others to be the best.... etc.

Yeah, I'm still crazy about football. Now I'm training to be one of the feared figure on the field. I can be another person when I'm playing.
I'm a master of tackling, that can hurt alot if the opponent is unlucky.

On the field, what's in my mind is this phrase of words: "I can be your best friend and I can be your worst enemy." Do not mess with me!!

I dont like to boast around but I have to say.... I learn most of the football skills all by my own. It's a suprise that I can achive such level eventhough I use to practise alone and not playing frequently. Perhaps, is the passion of football driven me to become a better player?

I dont really understand some dude out there who cannot accept critics and decided to give up football just because he hates to listen to the bad comments on his skills. We've been trying hard to train him but he's doing the mistakes over and over again. What a fool..... He've bought so many expensive football gears and yet he decided to give up everything after wasted so much investment in footbal. Failure. Sigh....

Football can be another kind of addictive substance. Whether you like it or not, once you've hooked on football, the football fever will never ends....

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