22 July 2006

National Service

These few days all my friends are crazy about the National Service. The list for the 4/2007 batch has been released on the official website.
So far I stil have no idea whether the website is reliable enough or not, and I'm doubtful with the computer system the NS using, because the data changes from time to time, everytime I went there I got different results.

They say if you got this message, you're chosen.
IC Number: 89xxxx-xx-xxxx
State: WP KL

Unfortunately this is what I get when checking for my IC number.

Sigh, what to do? Now I've to wait for the official letter. If I recieve the letter in this few weeks time, I'm doomed. If not, I'll have 3 months to spare next year...

I've tried to console my friends, saying you're not chosen yet until you recieve the official letter.

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