20 June 2006

A person that could ruin everything


Yawn, have another unpleasent sleep last night, still in sleepy mood in school today.

Chinese lesson, learning a classic article, nothing too special as I've learnt this few years ago.

Bio lesson, completing last weeks' PEKA. Everything went pretty smoothly.

History lesson, I decided to attend Sulhan's class eventhough I dont really like the way he mark our paper. Well, Chun Meng from S2 ask me goto his class to meet with Ms Lee OP, the person that could ruin everything in me.

I did not show up for her Geo class for this year, felt that I'll be stressful when attend her class, I rather study Geo all by myself.
When I enter the class before she can talk anything, the clock in the class falls from the wall, not a good omen.
She asked me why I'm having such bad attitude for not attending her class, I tried to explain that I prefer study by myself, than she lash out everything saying that she's giving free classes for us while she still have lots of works to do in school, and also holding 2 post in MoE, bla bla bla.... The class just felt silent.

The boys arent in the class, only the girls. Sigh... I felt ashamed being defame so badly in front of girls... but I guess most of them understand LOP's attitude. I've been very cool without losing my temper, I tried to reason with her and failed, so I just stand there listen to her scolding, and then get myself out of the class when she shouted get out.
Gee.... tomorrow I still have to attend her class though, I guess I'll hear some harsh words from her mouth again tomorrow. :(

Although I've been lashed badly by the witch, I'm just cool and didnt really bother. I continue my History lesson and I enjoyed today's lesson. The history of the forming of Malaysia, nice.

4 blank lessons, finish off my chinese homework and sleep for awhile til the bell rangs.

Hmm..... I really dont want to attend tomorrow's Geo class, but I guess I've no choice but to attend the class. I hate it.

Although I dislike LOP most of the time, but I stil respect her as a teacher so I dont really want to talk anything bad bout her. Just in case, someone spread this blog and she knew someone's stabbing her on the net, she'll be very mad at me.

I wonder, her neuron cells in her brain arent dying? According to my Bio teacher, those who lost temper easily will have neuron problems after some time. Whenever someone loses temper, the temper will kill some of the neuron cells, which cant be replaced. When the neuron cells decreased, so do the person's mentality. LOP has been so crazy for so many years alrdy, amazingly her mental is still very sharp in terms of "killer instinct". :S

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