19 June 2006

School's becoming funnier these days

Not exactly today's assembly photo, this was taken last month.

Monday, school assembly. Today's weather is rather dull than the usual bright morning sunlight at 8am. The principal, Mr Chu's speech is rather unusual today. First of all he starts with saying how good is the students, and promise he as the principal will try his best to provide better environments for students to study.
Actually, he's trying to ask us for some donation, the school's having a jogathon on mid-August, students will have to participate the fund-raising activity to collect money.
This strongly reminds me of a similiar fund-raising campaign I had back in primary school. I think many students also done this before so this will be familiar.
Mr Chu spent almost 45 mins just to tell us about this!

Add Math lesson, starting to like Trigonometry. It looks easy, but without proper exercise, this can be a killer.

Chemistry starts another new chapter, thermochem. Endotermic & exotermic, stil have to learn more to master this topic.

2 empty Eng lessons, Ms Siah are having course til Wednesday. Spent this time finish up Moral project, something only morons would really do. Yea, I'm a moron.

BM lesson, Haniza finally gave us back our paper, phew~ Manage to bag in an A2 for BM. Yeah!!!

Going back home by bus, this time got big Yeo following me. He ask me want to get a driving license. I wanted to get a license too, but I think I better ask my father or sis teach me the basic before I really take the test.
We talk about the World Cup later on, and before we leave we bet the Ukraine VS Saudi Arabia match. I bet Ukraine will win more than 2 goals, giving big Yeo 1.5 ball handicap. We bet for RM 1, though.

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