21 June 2006

Better Than Expected

* This post was posted 1 day after it happens, because I'm having connection problem last night, "thanks" to TMnut.

Finally, after so many months of waiting, we're having our 4th physical edu lesson. But, the lesson was shorten for half an hour, because the chinese orchestra and St Johns are promoting their upcoming mini concert. I'm very angry because they drag on for such a long time to finish the whole show. I cursed alot while waiting the show to finish. Seriously, if they did it on the other day I'll praise them but this time they did the wrong thing at the wrong moment. :
Ok, so I still have 30 mins of play time. Grab the football, play on my own. Training shooting and dribbling skills, not so bad as I didnt kick a ball properly for months. Kicking the ball also a stress-reliever, after yesterday's clash.

Math, 3A's teaching's new chapter. I'm trying my best to concentrate in her class now. Today she talk about Earth coordination, I still can remember this topic very well because I've learnt it in Geo 2 years ago.

Another 2 blank lessons, Ms Siah havent came back from her course. She's coming back tomorrow. Exhausted from earlier game, took a quick nap.

BM lesson, another wonderful performance by the entertainer teacher, Haniza. Although she's talking nonsense all the time, at least I still can learn something from her. Scored A2 for BM, yay!

What I really concern today is, the additional Geo class after school. I have to attend the class to avoid anymore clash with LOP.
Suprisingly, the class went pretty smoothly, she's not in her bad moon so we're all safe, for now.

Interesting Bio lesson under Dr Haresh's tuition class. Now we're in the chapter where students will giggles while reading this chapter. Yes, this is something most teenagers familiar, sexuality stuff.

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