22 June 2006

Something from the School

#1, Chong Hwa 2006 Jogathon.

Chong Hwa 06 Jogathon

This is the card students recieved to collect fund for our school's jogathon. This reminds me of my primary school, using the same thing for fund-raising while I'm still a little kiddo.
If anyone lost this card, they'll have to pay the penalty of RM 150. Aikz, I rather get a new shoe or original computer game!!

#2, Chong Hwa files.

Chong Hwa, files.

The left, is free. I won it in a school competition, 2nd place in essay-writting competition, year 2004. Still using it til now.
The right, the new file I bought for RM 3. Consider a good bargain as normal price is RM 6. 50%, not asking for anymore discounts.

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