14 May 2006

Today and yesterday.

3 days of holidays, should've make full use of it, but I guess no.... I spend 2/3 of the holidays sitting infront of com(as usual), I was hooked up with The Sims 2, which I've bought during 2004 Sept. First time buy original copy that time... cost RM 120 and comes with a T-shirt, nice.
I abandon the game for few months because my 4 years old Pentium 4 is running the game on the minimum specifications.... I couldnt 100% enjoy the game, but it is stil nice to play sometimes.

Few screenshots....

Limousine that carpools my Sims.
Limousine up close


KO'd by the car.
Knock Out by the car.

Bride doing something nasty.
Bride unclog toilet bowl?

I shouldnt get into this game at this moment, I suppose to do my revision. Although Monday's EST paper isnt a threat for myself, but those subjects to come are something tricky....

Meanwhile, I manage to watch the final quarter of the FA Cup final after coming back from a dinner with parents. It's Liverpool VS West Ham. West Ham was leading 3-2 at that moment. I watch the match til 91st minute, when Steven Gerrard blast that ball into the net from 30 yards(1/4 of the field), which make the score 3-3.

Extra time, West Ham's Marlem Harewood should've score the vital goal while Liverpool Reina kept the ball out, but in the end his left foot bounce the ball out of the net.

The dead ball penalty, which Liverpool's keeper Reina saved 3 out of 4 attemps, while West Ham missed 3 out of 4 attempts, too. Liverpool won the game 3-1 by penalty.

Some asked what so special about football? Well.... it's a breath-taking game. Anything can happen at anytime, West Ham is just minutes away from lifting the cup but was screwed by the final minutes. That makes football so interesting that it's the most popular sports in the whole world...

Steve Gerrard is the happy man after all, man of the match. Assists goals and also scoring great goals, great leader.

Stil have to continue study.... this is just not the time to enjoy yet....

P/S: Something isnt looking good for football boots, I'll talk about it on the next post.

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