14 May 2006

FA Cup Final, football boots issue

It seems that Nike's new AZT IV Supremacy causing probs for players again. Noticed the West Ham players Harewood and Ferdinand? They're wearing this.

Some how, this boots causes problems for both of them. Harewood suffers leg cramp during the 2nd extra time, and Ferdinand missed his penalty(though that hardly related to the boots). I only noticed these 2 players wearing this new model, I guess not many players dare to try this boots after Rooney's accident.

Take a look at Liverpool's side.
I've noticed Cisse switched his boots. Cisse scored his first goal with the red Adidas +F50.6 Tunit. I guess he's using the Lightweight chasis(the part that applies the studs) that makes him react faster.

Later in the game I've noticed that he changed to the yellow Tunit. I bet he had switch to Comfort chasis after playing more defensively.

Meanwhile, Gerrard was playing at this very best with this Predator Absolute. This boot was quoted "Power / Swerve / Accuracy", I guess they're right this time.

Adidas 1 - 0 Nike.

Nike should really do something in order to fight back Adidas, or they're losing the World Cup sponsor battles.


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