12 May 2006

Exam V: Additional Maths

Add Math paper I and II.

'nuff bout that, I'm totally owned by these 2 papers!! I'm actually looking foward for Add Math but now I'll have 2nd thoughts before doing this paper.

Oh my.... the questions are very tricky and even smart-asses in my class also having problem with the paper.

Paper II 3rd section, there's 20 pts to grab but I guess I can only get 3 or less than that. :S

Gee.... now I started to hate triangles... trigonometry.... Calculus.... But thankfully I've mastered logarithms so... at least I stil can salvage a little points from the paper.

It's a nightmare..... probably the worst paper in this exam. :(


I was amazed of myself. I slept at 11.30pm during exams but I'm not sleepy at all during the exam, not even after tuitions. It's just weird.... I only drank coffee during recess time but I dont think the coffee will affect me for such a long time... Anyway, dont bother it now. I've got 1 extra day to rest thanks to Wesak Day.

3 days of holidays.... hmm.....

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