14 May 2006

Something that I've missed last year.

Hmm..... recently I've some flashbacks on a trip that I've missed last year November. If anyone follows this blog since last year, you'll probably know what happen. It's during the mid-Nov, when I'm suffering from one of the most unforgettable event in my life. Oh well....

The trip I've missed is a trip to Melaka, a 2D1N stay at the A'famosa resort. It's a joint trip of Students Union and Librarian. In school we dont really interact as a society, but rather individually.
So the trip is meant for us to get to know each others, as well as relax ourselves after studying for 10 months-(minus the holidays).

I've to ask my friend Chin Wei replace me to follow the trip because I'm having another event. So I asked him to get me photos of SYTs, which he gladly took for me.
The the morning of 15th Nov, they depart to the south, while I'm heading to the north. They're moving on for enjoyment and excitment, while I'm going for the worst part of the whole procession. Sigh....

This maybe serves as a memory flashback I've lately.... I've write about it last November. Read it at your own interest. Most of the post sounds negative though.

Anyway, I have to thanks Chin Wei and Sun Hua for sending me those pics, but it's incomplete(have to ask for more from them.). One of the best pic they took...

2005-2006 Chong Hwa Librarians

P/S: SYTs = Sweet Young Things, M'sian/S'porean bloggers language for young girls.

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