14 May 2006

Exam Tips?

Ok, so this is the exam season for most students, sharing tips is a common activity among students and teachers. Our Form 5's exams are based on the papers set by the Education Department of Kuala Lumpur Federal Terriotory(Jabatan Pendidikan WP Kuala Lumpur), almost every F5 students in KL are sitting for the same paper during the exam season.

Because of this, many tips are leaked as teachers or someone else told the students what's coming out for the exam. Not only that, students from different schools spread the tips to friends from other schools and this continues until almost everyone knows what's coming out.
But of course, the tips we got is only the tip of the iceberg, stil have to work hard to take on the exam.

Few weeks ago I've spread Malay & English tips, so now many friends start asking me for tips for the upcoming papers. Karen asked me bout History, Jian Shern & Chow Hong asked me bout EST paper(doing this tomorrow).... etc. I'm, of course are glad to share with them what I know, but getting a little annoyed by how the way they ask.
I dunno, but I'll probably do the same thing if I want to ask tips from others too.
It's just funny that I like to do something which I dont like others did to me.

Now I'll talk about the tips I've got so far....

EST(English for Science & Tech)
Read newspaper for the latest issue.

Focus more on F5 essay questions. F5 topics more important than F4's.

Will probably post more if I got. If you have some tips, do share with me. :P

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