15 May 2006

Exam VI: English for Science & Technology

Paper I & II

To my suprise, today's EST paper isnt from the Edu Department, it is our school's own paper. Very well, these 2 papers are the easiest papers I had in this exam season so far, very easy, plus lots of free time to revise other subjects too. :D
A for me. E'nuff to say. :P

Next.... Moral(moron's subject).


Today the morning session are crowded.
F3s from afternoon session shows up early in the morning to sit for their PMR trial exam, which similiar to my case 2 years ago.
New F6 students are having orientation today, too. All of them are my seniors, quite nice to have them back here. :)

Lots of free time today... both of the EST papers only used up 2 hours and 30 mins, left about 4 hours free time for us. Weee~~~

Spent the free time revise Moral(tomorrow) & also Phyz(the day after tomorrow). Hmm.... felt asleep while revising Phyz, friends ask me whether I'll sleep during the paper. Heh, dangerous.

Sometimes, coming back from school is an opportunity for me to socialize with others. On the way back, a classmate followed me and at the bus stop I chat with a middle-aged man that ask me bout education systems. Hop into the bus, met my primary schoolmate. Nice....

I dont mind walk back from the LRT station back to my house, sometimes it's just nice to walk like this, as an exercise. According to Google Earth, the walking distance from my house to the LRT station is about 2km....

Anyhow, tommorow's paper is Moral, a subject which I refered as a failure of the Ministry of Edu.
Moral is something we learn and practically use it in our life, not by paperworks DUH!!
We dont judge a person's Moral by paper, we judge it by his/her action, attitude and etique.
I really hate how the way we're tested our Moral values.... hate the stupid way the Ministry of Edu testing us.

Last year Moral exam's review.

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