15 May 2006

Nokia N91

This phone is one of the Nokia's N series phone, which I've noticed since last year. I set my eye on this model, because of it's major feature as phone + music player.
4GB built-in harddisk memory in the phone, can store almost a thousand songs. I wont be bored after all!!!

Of course, it's a high-tech phone so there goes the mobile Internet, another feature I like. Hmm... mobile Messenger.... I can online MSN anywhere, anytime, provided the network available.

2 MPx camera, well it's another alternative for digital cam, an extra for me.

I dunno whether this phone will be out-of-date so fast, but right now it's something new and many ppl wanna try it.

I know it cost at least RM 2k here, plus I dont really think my parents will get this stuff for me so.... I'll have to dream about it. :P

P/S: The keypad is too small, maybe not suitable for my big fingers. :S

1 comment:

  1. Buy an Ipod, better and more musics.
    Really, i dont recommend buying phone that costs 2k, there are too many unwanted functions. And the phone camera wont better than your current camera.