26 May 2006

I Not Stupid Too movie review

This is a major spoilers of the movie. You've been warned, if you want to enjoy the movie, read this entry only after you finish the movie, else you can anticipate what's happening in the movie.

I'm really looking foward to watch this movie after having good reviews from my teachers and friends. Since the exam's over, so I asked my friend Chin Wei borrow me the DVD.

The "I Not Stupid" movie series emphasize humour/comedy and also seriousness. The settings are based on current Singapore society, with the majority population of Chinese.

This movie is a great laughter, and I think any teenagers who understand Chinese & English will love this movie very much!!! Like me, I like the movie is because it's a great comedy, and it reflects some of the problems everyone's facing.

The storyline and the message is clearly shown in the movie. With simple dialouge and expressions, even kids also can understand what the moral values in the movie.

Something I'm quite suprise and please is that the main character, Tom, is a blogger and won some sort of tennager-blogging competition. Mmm.... if only Malaysia will held a similiar competition, I'll definitely participate it!! :D

Btw, the 2 teachers in the movie, Mr Fu & the headmistress somehow reminds me of two teachers in my school, Mr Lee BG & Mdm Soong.

Mr Fu in the movie looks just like Mr Lee in my school, especially their body-shape are similiar and also the look quite alike too. Their motorcycle is almost the same too, it's funny to see they've so many things in common!! But in the movie Mr Fu is a responsible Chinese teacher, while Mr Lee in my school is just a slacker that throw all the responsibilities to the others.

The headmistress, resembles my school's admin Mdm Soong. Both of them are English-educated and both of them dont really know how to speak fluent Chinese. The way they talk is similiar. It's just funny that when I relate all these characters and my teachers together, it's interesting. :D

Of course, I've lots of thoughts about life after watching this movie. I somehow felt that the way I think changed a little. The effect? I'm not sure yet, but I know there's something different in me after watching the movie....

This is a must-watch movie for all chinese out there, regardless the age. This is a movie for everyone!

I Not Stupid Too official site.

P/S: I've noticed the movie's electronic products are somehow sponsored by the brands start with 'M'. Let's see... Motorola & Macintosh(Apple).

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