28 May 2006

KLCC + BookFest

* I didnt blog about this yestrday because I'm exhausted, I need some rest.

Saturday, got lots of plans to be done on this day. First, went to a family friend's house near KLCC with my mother. Stupid LRT feeder bus took us 30 mins from our home to the station, I just need 20 mins to walk there duh!! Time wasted....

Reach to the friend's house to have my lunch there. It's a traditional chinese way celebrating newborn child's 1st month(满月). Mmm.... the Beijing-style dishes are great!!(PS: those friends came from China mainland).

OK so I've "earn" the free lunch, next I went to KLCC. It's just opposite from the friend's house, I decided to check out the Adidas and Nike shop for the new stuff for football. Hmm.... I cant afford those gears.... too expensive. I do wish to have an original jersey though.

The BookFest is my next plan. It's just walking distance away from Suria KLCC and just above Aquaria KLCC.

Reached BookFest at 3.15pm. So it's the first day of the BookFest, and it's crowded. Parents brought their kids there, teenagers wandering around(like me), professionals finding books they want, bookworms who wants to get books cheaper than usual... etc.

I wanted to buy alot of things, but I didnt bring enough money for it. I manage to buy 3 books, one of them are Pington comic(平旦漫画). Cost me RM 62 for all the books. I wanted to get an album, 2CD+DVD at RM 50 but of course.... my money's almost negative.

Walk back to friend's house again. That time was around 5.45pm. I ate another round of lunch there, since there's leftover. Later walk to LRT station to catch the train to Taman Jaya, my father's fetching us for dinner at 天后宫.

While on the LRT, I cant stop laughing at the Pington comic I've bought, my mother have to remind me I'm in the public so dont make myself look stupid, hahah....

Spotted another black CLS....

I guess I dont need to write up bout the dinner.... something about the Ban Ning(万宁) Association of Hai Nan. I'm not quite sure about the overall situation, I just go there to read and eat, that's all. :D

Here's few pages of the Pington I've scanned.... a good laughter. :D

(click the pics below, then click [All Sizes] on the of the pic and select Large.)
Pington - Hack the aliensPington - Types of teachers
Pington - Tips for raring dogPington - Well

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