26 May 2006

Teacher's Day celebration

Right, so the exam's finish, the students from morning and afternoon session all gathered at the school's activity centre to celebrate the annual Teachers' Day.

Sheehz, this year's performance was terrible, really.
First, students dont have time to prepare because of exam. Second, the teachers arent willing to coorperate to live up the whole celebration(according to a teacher).
Since no one really put in effort celebrating this event, so I guess it's somehow a failure huh.

I see there's clowns performing on the stage, doing something that's really out of their minds. I met seniors from last year who're recieving award during the prize-giving presentation. Congratulations to Kong Hui & Yean Ling for getting the Best Role Model award(err...something like that).

This is the last year(maybe) I'll be celebrating Teachers' Day at this school so..... brought my cam to take photos like what I did in the past...

With these pics I guess you can judge just how many students there is in our school. Note that many students are absent so this is just a partition from the entire students.


School Band & Chinese Orchestra


End of story, I'm disappointed with this year's celebration. :(

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