09 May 2006

Girls, becareful with robbers

Hmmm.... I was just being informed that there's robbery case happening in Wangsa Maju Section 2 recently. It is quite serious according to the report, the victim(a girl) was injured.
What makes me concern about this case is because I happen to pass that road frequently. I guess our community is still not safe enough for females to walk by themselves, 'eh? Although robbery cases are least reported nowdays, but it is still happening here.

This is just.... my opinions on how to counter the robber IF you're unfortunately being targetted by the robber.

  • Let them take what they want. You stil can renew your IC/liscence, you stil can get a new phone, you stil can get those facial kits, but you CANNOT 'RENEW' YOUR LIFE!!

  • Walk with partners. It is stil a useful method to chase away those idiots, but if there's more than a robber stands on your way.... be prepare for the worst scenario then.

  • Shout is quite useless nowdays, most of the time the crowd will only look at you and where that robber runs, dont dream of having a guy who'll help you chase the robber.

  • Want to fight back? Fine. Remember your weapon is not your arms, but also your legs. One kick to the robber's "vital point" is enough to knock him out, seriously.
    If you think your head is hard enough to crack that idiot's skull, headbutt is another useful method too.
    Oh yea, did I mention your teeth? Biting is fun.... heheh...

  • Sometimes the old-school umbrella does help too, especially the hook-like handle.
    You can either hook the idiot's leg, poke him with the sharp end, hit him like playing hockey, deploy the umbrella as a 'shield'.... etc.
    A very useful weapon I must say.... it's another genius invention of humankind. :P

  • Pepper spray? Can at least try something more deadly, like liquid acids.... but becareful handle this stuff 'eh?

  • Learn self-defence martial art is also not a bad idea, but can you react like what you've learnt if this really happen on you? And again, attacking "vital point" is crucial. Mmmm.... I guess you wont be summon to the court if you've break some of his bones, it's call 'self-defense' in this case.

    I guess that's it for today.... Heh I rarely write something like this, maybe this is my first time? Well enjoy then. :P
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