08 May 2006

Exam II: Bahasa Melayu

Revise less than 1 hour last weekend....

Bahasa Melayu paper I

First essay is about cocuriculum activities. I did quite ok I guess, not so hard as what I expect.

Second essay, wow all the 5 questions I can only understand the 1st one, it's difficult to understand the titles. I go for the title "Ciri-ciri seorang murid yang cemerlang" (the qualities of a succesful student).
Stupid school rules, dont allow students go toilet during exam, but luckily my AddMath teacher allow me to go because I cant stand any longer. :S
I still have a little time to spare during the exam. :)

Bahasa Melayu paper II

I've spent 1 hour just to finish the summary. Because of this, I've to rush for the other questions behind. Sorry teacher, my writing sucks this time because I'm like rushing to catch my flight, haha!
My hand and arm are painful because I hold my pen too hard because tension. :S

Some questions I just simply guess, because I'm not certain bout the answer. I finish the whole paper just 1 minutes before the teacher collect the paper. Luckily I didnt miss out the last part, about Malay novel which I've read.

Haha.... must thanks Val for providing me those tips, if not I'm dead meat!! :P


Was rushing to the LRT station to go for the dental appointment. It's weird... today I've spotted lots of nice cars on the road.
Honda S2000, Mercz SLK, BMW 7 series, and the ultimate Mercz CLS.

I'm smart enough to "cheat" the LRT for 50%. I paid one-way ticket and use it for two-ways. Their staff isnt on duty so I manage to do something dirty. :P

Dental appointment? So.... I still have to put on my brace for couple months. Next appointment is 24th July. Gonna remember this date.
Well.... before that the attendant put the appointment date at 19th July, but because I got tuition that day so I've change it to the week later. Hmm.... 19yh July is also someone's birthday, hmm.....

Tomorrow's having English exam. Hah, not a real threat I guess. The main threat is the exam the day after tomorrow..... Math...