09 May 2006

Exam III: English

English paper I

Essay writing again.
I laughed when I saw the question, it's about the rising-fuel price again.... almost the same thing I've wrote for the Chinese paper last week. Since it's a directed writing, I'm doing this very well. Too good I guess, I add in lots of ideas but found that I'm short of time to write another essay, which is more important than this one(more marks). So decided to abandon the first essay while concentrate writing the second essay.

Second essay, I'm comfortable with all the titles, proceeded to write the one talks about what subject I want to learn in school if I'm given the chance to choose. I write about Sociology and advanced computer lessons. That's it, I hope that my points do make sense and the teacher can accept my essay.

Manage to finish all two essays in time.

English paper II

The literature questions are leaked, almost everyone know what's coming out for the exam. This paper is stil OK I guess.... felt that this paper is a little more difficult than usual. Hmm....


Crap, I've tighten up my brace yesterday, today gotta eat breads only. Those who put on braces will know how's the feeling after tighten up the braces, it's just very hard to eat anything. I'm starving!!

Having discussion bout ystrdy's BM paper during tuition. Hmm.... manage to get most of the answers correct, except two parts which I've only earn 1 or 2 pts out of 6 pts. :(

Tomorrow having the Modern Math, one of the killer for me. Hmm.... my Additional Math is better than Modern Math I guess, it's just weird!!! :S

Do wish me luck...

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