10 May 2006

Exam IV: Modern Maths

Modern Maths paper I

Objectives.... Of all the 40 questions, I dunno how to answer 5 of them. In the end I decided to try my luck and randomly chose one of the answers.
Well.... it's not so bad and it's not so good either, just average for me.

Modern Maths paper II

This is a battle with the time. I stil manage to do almost all the questions, except few parts that maybe I've missed out. There's a section where I must answer 4 out of 5 questions, it's all about drawing graphs but I ended up doing 3 instead of 4, dont have enough time.

I'm not quite satisfied with these 2 papers. But hopefully I could get better tha 60 marks overall for this time....


After the exams, I wonders around the school and ended up in the library reading newspaper. 2pm, downpour hits the rooftop. Damn!! I stil have to go for tuition!! I'm afraid the rain keep on pouring, so decided to walk to the tuition as soon as possible.

I dunno should consider myself lucky or unlucky. I happened to bring umbrella today, but then when I reach the tuition centre, I'm totally soaked!! I plan to study for tomorrow's exam, but all the books are wet and I just cant read it at all!!

Went to eat my lunch and only realised that the tuition was called off because teacher is sick. Oh well.... dragging my stuff back home in wet condition. (<__<")

Tomorrow, Additional Maths. After tomorrow there'll be a public holiday, Wesak Day. After Add Math, I guess I can hold my breath for next week's exams.

What a day....

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