03 April 2006

Something common between both of us...

Ystrdy I featured my schoolmate Val's blog, I finish read the entire blog today. I've noticed that we both have things in common.

  • We've put on braces to fix our teeth.
  • Both of us are wearing tie, her green tie for librarian and my yellowish tie for Students Union.
  • Our hometown are in Kedah.
  • Always being left out with our societies' activities.
  • Doesnt talk too much, prefer keep feeling on our own.
  • Wanted to contribute something to the school before graduate.
  • Obsessed with computer, the computer is located near the study table.
  • Same teachers are teaching both of our class this year and last year.
  • Joined similiar motivation camp during
  • Lost someone we care very much last year. Sigh....
  • Expressing our feelings and thoughts in our own blog, rather than telling others.

    'til now havent talk with her in school, she's probably hide in her library I guess. It's kinda suprise to see we've quite alot things in common. :)

    Anyway, this post are meant for my own reference, but I want to share it with the others, compare and see if I'm correct or not.
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