02 April 2006

Found another schoolmate's blog!!

Today browse friend's Friendster page and bump into another schoolmate's blog.
Let me introduce to you, Valerie (http://valerie337.blogspot.com/). She's a librarian in my school btw.

I'm happy and impress to see another schoolmate having a blog, especially a well-mantained blog.

Those guys who listed in my links created blog and then abandon it very soon after they're losing interest in blogging, just like how they abandon their girlfriends.... JK... :P

Hopefully she can keep on blogging and dont shut down the blog so fast!! :D

1 comment:

  1. Hey thanx for ur comment.Mine is jz a simple one compared to urs. So nice and cool~I hope mine was good as yours.
    Ya muz be a big fan of Maksim don't ya? Ha..keep it up lo..