15 March 2006

What I would spend if I have USD 100?

Ok, let's say that I have US$ 100 in my bank, and the bank supports e-commerce. I would spend the money on services listed below, including the reason why I want to get the paid version.

  1. Flickr
      Currently I'm using the free account in Flickr, which I host my photos on the net as a virtual album.
      The free account however, has it own limits. The free account only allow to show the most recent 200 photos I've uploaded, and the older photos will not be shown on the page. This doesnt mean Flickr delete all the older photos, but keep it invisible to the others, including myself.

      With the Pro account, all the photos I've previously uploaded will be shown on the page, as well as having more benefits like unlimited storage, bandwidth, photosets, etc.

      My Flickr page serves as my personal album on the events happening in my life, allow me to store some precious photos as a backup & share with others as well. My computer is not very stable lately, so I'll have to rely on Flickr to do backups.
      I prefer Flickr because I'm used to it's interface, and it is very user-friendly application.

      The cost for 1 year Pro account is US$ 24.95, however I prefer to get the 2 year Pro account which cost US$ 47.99 as it cost a bit less than the 1 year account.

      If anyone can sponsor me the Flickr Pro account, he/she will have full access to all my photos, including private photos.

  2. GeoCities
      I'm hosting some of my files, mainly the music I play in this blog and my Friendster profile.

      The free account has disadvantages, especially the bandwidth limit. The song cant be played when it exceeds the bandwidth limit, makes this blog a little dull huh.

      The upgrade will cost US$ 9 for the first three months, and it'll resume to the normal price US$ 12 each month.
      If I go for this service, I'll probably host my blog with a domain too. But of course, if my financial income is limited, then I'll have to go for the cheaper paid account. Anyway, it's still enough to cope my demands to host music files, as well as other important files.

  3. Wikimedia
      Wikipedia is one of the major project run by Wikimedia .
      Most netizens like me rely on Wikipedia to search for informations. It is a very useful website, we should give support to this website because it benefits everybody.

      The donation ammount can be anything, donate as much as you can afford, that's it. ;)

There is something on the Net that is worth to invest, like those 3 websites I mentioned above. Of course, there's many other net services that is worth to invest too, but I havent discover yet.

I'm looking foward if anyone can sponsor my Flickr pro account, really. I want to keep it as another method of "memory-preservation" so I can recall the memories in the future.
Who knows? If the plan works well, maybe my next generation will have the chance to see the photos too! XD

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