19 March 2006

Composing Music

Recently I've been either busy surfing the net, or I've been busy composing music. As a music-lover, composing very own music is an intersting and exciting thing to do. I'm using Finale 2004(outdated) program to compose music. It's actually a program for me to place all the notes to become a score/music sheet.

Take a look at the screenshot.


I'm done with 2 songs, which I've been put it up as my blog's background music. You can listen it below.

Children's Rhapsody 1 (mirror)

Children's Rhapsody 2 (mirror)

Currently working on 2 more songs, Richard Clayderman's "Voyage A Venise" & "Mariage D'amour". Will post it up here once I've done!! ;)

Btw comments for the are welcome.

P/S: There's a free version of Finale called NotePad. It works almost like Finale but of course it has certain limitations. Anyway it's worth to try the product.

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