21 March 2006

Chong Hwa's 87 years

Today return to school after the one week holiday. I'm having a good start today, even though yesterday night I didnt sleep well.

To my suprise, today the school is actually having school anniversary ceremony. The exact date is 21 March, which is tomorrow, but the school decided to celebrate it earlier.

Let's see, our school(3 schools to be exact: SMK Chong Hwa, SRJK(C) Chong Hwa & Chong Hwa Independent School) was formed on the 21st March, year 1919. From a small shed house school near Jln Pahang, to a national-type secondary school located at Jln Gombak, my school surely has been through many changes.

I'm not from SRJK(C) Chong Hwa, but once I get into my current school SMJK Chong Hwa, I felt that the school has become my 2nd home, where I'm interacting with the whole "family". It's a large "family" though, I have my close "siblings", as well as enemy-like "relatives". It's a once in a lifetime experience, I bet anyone been through secondary school wouldnt forget it.

OK now, the following post I'll talk about the school anniversary celebration.

I guess many students in the school dont know today is the school anniversary celebration, including myself. We thought there was a usual assembly on Monday morning, but today the stage is well-decorated and teachers are wearing formal dress.

The whole ceremony planned to start at 8am, but because the VIPs are late, so we've to wait for 40 mins.
Err.... we students shows no respect to the guest who're giving speech on the stage, we're criticize by all the guest at this very special day, sigh. We're making too much noises and that annoyed the guest.

Anyway, the main attraction of course is the students' performance.

  • First it was the school brassband's show. They're always caught the attention of everyone, because this is one of the pride of our school.
  • The show followed by Chinese Society drama group's drama. It's rather weird and inappropriate. The performers all dressed in black, they're acting like they're suffering and eventually fainted. Keeps on rolling on the stage and make the crowd laugh when one of the performer gets dizzy and roll elsewhere. Shouting and chanting, that's how the rest of the drama goes~
  • English Society recited poem, nothing to shout about.
  • Chiense orchestra performed 2 songs, which they continue playing over and over again since many years ago.
  • Chinese Society performed another traditional dance. I think this is better than the drama group, because this traditional dance was performed by sweet young things. :D
  • Brassband formed a group called "五重奏", consist of brass instrument. They played 3 songs, but only 1 song caught my attention. I was dissapointed with their performance, but anyway they just form the group today.
  • Yet another Chinese Society's performance, this time is my buddy Sun Hua's turn to recite poem. Since the English Society had recited poem earlier, so I dont think Sun Hua's poem is good or so. It'll be better if he's like hosting a talk show to interact with the students, guest and the teachers, he's a great hoster and it shouldnt be a problem to let him handle 500+ people. Talk about one-man-show huh.
  • Final show, the anthem "I Love Chong Hwa" played by the brassband.

    This is my last year in this school, of course this is also my last time I'll be a part of this celebration. This is something worth to keep, so I write up this post for me to remember it for the rest of my life. ;)

    It is good to back to school and see WX again. During the holiday she doesnt reply my msg on MSN, how sad is that.

    I tried to talk to her but I guess it's better to leave her alone. I'll try to talk to her when she's alone and idle.

    Oh well, this pic shows my feeling bout her.

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