13 March 2006

The Late Night Post

Enjoyed the weekend football matches. Watched Chelsea VS Tottenham Spurs(2-1); Man Utd VS Newcastle Utd(2-0). Both matches are great!

I spent most of the weekend sitting infront of computer, either playing FIFA 2k5, or Civilization III. Old games, but that's my only choices. GBA Harvest Moon gets boring after playing some time.

Noticed WX onlines more frequent lately, tried to msg her but have couldnt get a decent reply. I guess it's either she's too busy playing her game, or she forgot to signout MSN while her bro uses the comp. Hmm.....

Today went shopping at Jusco. I checked the sports equipment shops, CD shops, came up with nothing at all. I need something new, fresh, and exciting.
I eventually bought an unagi rice for my dinner, cost about RM 6.50 after discount. It was a delicious dish.

I got a phone call from ChunMeng, the president of Geo club. He asked me to goto school tomorrow morning at 10am for a lesson. I refuse to go, and he's quite dissapointed. Oh well, I rather study Geo by myself than having the lesson from the bitchy LOP.....

Anyway, I still have my things to do on the coming week. 3 days occupied with tuition, plus I have to finish lots of homeworks too!!

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