12 March 2006

Holiday again

It's weird we have another week of holiday in March, after the CNY break last month. Anyway, I do enjoy holidays, can sleep more....

I took back most of my exam papers this week. The result is not that satisfying though, Bio and Chem result has dissapoint me. I've made silly mistakes and now I've to regret it, oh well.

This week doesnt have anything significant. This week is English week, almost every morning there'll be English elocution finals, I wasnt selected though.

On Wednseday(8th March) we took our class photos, well hopefully it's better than last year's photo, in terms of quality. Last year's quality sucks....

Many other F5 classes are taking this opputurnity to take photos for the school magz stuff. Our class have to retook the photos because the photos we took earlier was not accepted by the teacher.

Chen Leong from S2 borrowed my USB cable, he has lost his own cable. Because of that, I manage to get 2 photos from him as my new wallpaper. Chen Leong's from the same class as WenXin, so u might know what kind of pic I've been asking for, heheh.

Thursday I'm free, so decided to go tuition earlier with friends to catch up with AddMath lesson. While we're waiting our lunch order, Mr Goh, the owner of the tuition centre shows up and he pays for all our orders. Hahaha, what a nice guy, we all had our lunch for free that day!! It was just 4 of us, if not Mr Goh will had to pay more.

I wasnt in the best form in the AddMath lesson, but I'm doing well in the Physic and Chem lessons. Hmm... Chem lesson had changed to another teacher, Mr Praga. Wasnt that bad, but still I dont like class being interrupted by switching teachers. Hopefully I can study better in Mr Praga's class.

Friday, I've skipped Physic lesson to read my chinese literature book, 封神榜. I read the book in Students Union room so that I am not getting caught for skipping class. My friend, Evelyn is having a hard time to deal with Ms Lee OP, the wicked whore in the school. Evelyn had quit the school band for almost a year, and yet Lee OP still want to ask for debt..... Things are complicated, as an outsider I better dont talk too much about it, it's none of my business.

I sense an unusual smell inside SU room, something is burning. It's a cable near PBSM room fused and burnt, the burnt cable smell is like burning plastic & rubber, bad for health.
Luckily the school technician manage to fix the fused cable in time, if not more students will suffer.

Friday night, my buddy Chuan Boon sent me 2 more pics, of course it's her again. Thanks to my friends, now I got 4 wallpapers of her!! :P

S4020549 S4020548 IMG_2571 IMG_2570

Although holiday is next week, but I still have to attend tuition classes. Also, I wont be playing so much this holiday, gonna revise F4 subjects.....

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