06 March 2006


After living on this planet for so many years, I'm finally 17!! :D
However as usual, I dont celebrate birthday with any presents, or suprises, it's just like another normal day going on.

Yesterday midnight got an SMS from a friend, glad she remembered my birthday lol.

Today I recieved my first present when I step into the classroom. My friend TohWai passed my exam papers. Bloody.... a little out of my expectations but still have to accept it.
I'm lucky to get 16/20 for chinese; Moral failed, because a little error I've made in the essay question; Phyz paper 13/20, nothing to shout about, as I've forgotten the concept of waves.

This week is English week, the English Language Society setup a drama based on the theme "English as international language". Quite lame, but at least the teachers enjoyed the drama.

I'm lucky that I still can catch up with the AddMath even though last week I've missed 1 or 2 lessons.

Chemistry, I was sleepy in the lab. Sigh, I've missed the alchohol chapter, today we're doing carboxylic acid. Quite confusing, gotta catch up with this one ASAP.

Nothing special bout today's Eng & B.Melayu lessons.

After the school, Chuan Boon from the other class handed me another "present". It was Wxin's pic, haha she look great in that pic! :D

Meanwhile, I have a game of ping-pong with Kin Hou, we both played screw & fast ball, we enjoyed the game even we're very tired after the game.

It's funny to say that I've 2 breads & 1 Pepsi Kopi Tarik as my lunch. Bought from 7-11 and it cost RM3. The Pepsi sucks..... regretted to buy.....

Sis spammed my mailbox with lots of birthday greetings she sent to my mail. Quite interesting.

I've accumulate lots of homeworks after missing from the class for 2 days, gonna finish it before the teacher questions me!! :S

P/S: Thanks ChoonYeong, AunChee, Frankie and others that wishes me for this special day, thank you. :D

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  1. wow..what a normally birthday!!

    carboxylic acid? wow..i like this chapter alot..u can play with the isomer..whhahaha..looking at what u all study, make me wanna study f5 again.... regret