03 March 2006


Thankfully my sickness only last for 3 days, right now I'm back to normal!
I'm lucky because I'm not having denggi, else I wont make it in time for next Monday....

The residential area I'm living have reported many denggi cases since this area had been developed for residential purpose. I guess those mosquitoes havent wiped out from the rubber plantation back in those days.

3 of my family members suffered from denggi before, and my father got denggi 3 times!! Recovering from denggi would take up to 1 week or more, and it's fatal.

Another thing I'm worried is the bird flu case. The affected area is just less than 5km from my residential, and I had chicken in the last 2 meal before I'm sick. Luckily I show no sign of bird flu symptom!

It's all over now, I guess I should've take care of myself better, gotta thank my mother for looking after me for the past few days, she even took leave to look after me!! Thanks mom!! :D

P/S: The fever is likely because of the extreme weather we suffered in KL. Some area are raining heavily, while some area are as hot as desert(my place).

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