26 March 2006


This is a video I made using Windows Movie Maker. I dedicate this video to my friends from class 5S2, wish them all the best in their journey ahead.

I got the inspiration to create this video ystrdy night 12am. I edit the video and finish about 4am. I rarely be so concentrate to do something like this, not even my homework or project!!!

Anyway, now I'm having a request from S5 to make a video like the one I made for S2. I'm also planning to do a vid for my class.
At the end of the year after my SPM, I'll make one vid about myself, my life in Chong Hwa....


  1. not bad man..the video is very nice..
    now i only know how you make it into 6 minute.. >< all same photos.. hehe..
    i'm wishing to see your another work yea. Gambateh !!

  2. hey...u make this video make me go back to my secondary school life..!!

    aighhh.... make me wanna cry with the song lar..

  3. Heheh, that means my video is a success. :P