30 March 2006


This entire week I'm busy doing my school magazine's design for my class. It's not an easy task you know, I'm doing this myself with a little help from other friends. I'm the only one who're capable doing this computer stuff, so there's no reason I can escape from this.

Anyway talk about the school magz stuff, many other classes havent started anything yet although the deadline is tomorrow. The project had been given to us last month, but we did it at the very last minute. Most of them are very blur on who's in charge of the stuff.

I took this seriously because this is our last year in the school, and the school magz project is meant for us to keep as a memoirs. I am giving my best shot to finish this project.
I'm also volunteer to assist my S2 friends to do their school magz work. I've helped them made that video, it shouldnt be very hard for me to help them.

This weekend going back to Penang for ChingMing, a chinese tradition where we chinese clear and clean up the mess of our ancestor's graves. It's been a few years my family went back to Penang alrdy, so I'm really looking foward to go back to Penang this weekend!!

By the way, congratulations to my school Chong Hwa's chinese debate team, who've won the debate competition today right in front of all the students. Congratz and congratz!!

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  1. wahahha..... tomolo morning i will back to Perlis... for ching ming purpose also