26 March 2006

Defamation 1

It is not easy for me to hate a particular person, but in this world there's always idiots to annoy others, this time I encountered an annoying situation regarding this particular guy.

The target I'm defaming today is a prefect called Y.KianKiong(YKK). He is F4 prefect, and he's one of the most badass prefect in the history of the prefect group.

This guy, YKK, is famous for his "coolness" and "strictness" when on and off duty from prefect job. According to my buddies who're also prefect, he says no one likes the kind of attitude and personality YKK have. He's just simply annoying guy who likes to be the "smart guy" controling others around.

In the school, I've confronted with him once or twice, but it's just a little small matter like he doesnt allow me to pass a certain passage(shortcut). I dont mind his orders, that's just part of his job and leave him alone is better than I confront with him asking for more trouble.

Sometimes, I notice the way this YKK on duty is cocky. He's charging a guy who're not tuck-in his shirt, that guy ran away and this YKK chased him. Eventually the guy push YKK and this fella YKK almost fall down.

Seriously, I asked many prefect friends, this YKK gave them very bad reputation and image as a person and a prefect. This guy has no life at all.

That's just a brief introduction on this YKK I'm gonna defame. The following is what makes me fell annoyed with this guy.

OK, so today I went to Stadium Selayang to watch my school's sports day event. It's very boring, so I bring along my MP3 player to listen.

One or two prefects had asked me to take off my mp3 player before YKK shows up. I decided to switch my seat to upper tier section. I continue listen my mp3 up there with my buddy Chuan Boon, as there's a break between the events.

Then, this YKK shows up. He asked me to hand over the mp3 player, with the reason "the prefects have given you lots of chances to keep it, but you insist to listen to your mp3 and I'm here to confisticate it."

WTF?!?!? I'm pissed, I put down my earphone and confront with this YKK. He's not alone though, there's one or two more prefects near him. I dont want ask for any trouble, I tell him I'll keep my mp3 for good and dont listen it til the event ends.
This guy YKK insist I hand over my mp3 player, and pointing out a junior F1 prefect saying that the junior asked me to stop listening to MP3. As what I can remember there's no little kiddie junior prefect asked me to keep my player, it was a senior prefect asked me to keep it.

Because the kiddie is not involved in this case, I dont wanna be harsh to him and ask him learn from the seniors to deal with students. The YKK is almost speechless, and then 3 more prefects came. They're my saviour, Chi Meng, Pei Shan and Pui Kuan. These 3 are F5 prefects whom I know quite well.

Pei Shan asked me to keep my mp3 player or they'll really confisticate it next time if I listen to it. Then the gang of prefects left, leaving YKK totally speechless. Pui Kuan later tell me no one likes that YKK, he is such a dummy.

It'll be nice if I got his pic, I'll post it up here to let others be more careful when dealing with him. If he doesnt change his attitude now, I guess he'll have a very tough way to go ahead.

If he's selected as the new school prefect's commitee member, I bet students are preparing rotten eggs to throw at him.

Again, I repeat it's not easy to make me hate a person, but if that person triggered my emotion.... I might add him/her into my "Defamation" post collection, like this is the first one. XD

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  1. i am from chong hwa too

    nice post dude, this dog is gonna get signs from god someday