11 February 2006

Chinese New Year Day 2

We planned to wake up at 6am & went on road on 7am, but we're 30 mins late behind the schedule. We finally get on the road at 7.30am. The journey was smooth, we stopped at the northbound rest station of Sg. Perak, one of our fav rest station. We rest for 30 mins and keep on moving to the north.


We reach Kedah after 4 hours of travel from KL. We stop at a hawker stall to had our lunch. You see, northern Malaysia's food are among the best of the best, we over-ordered the food but still manage to finish it, maybe we're too hungry at that time 'eh?

After lunch we head to our hotel, Cinta Sayang Resort at Sg Petani. We're staying there for 3 days 2 night. We rest at our hotel til evening, then prepare ourselves to go back to my mother's old house at Guar Chempedak(err, I'm not really understand what this name means).

The house
The house
Back home

Relatives from all over Malaysia came back to attend this reunion dinner. It's nice to reunite together with the whole family. We children, of course are happy because we're getting ang pows(money in red packet)!!!
We had 3 steamboat(2 traditional + 1 electronic) setup for the reunion dinner.

My cute cousin is waiting for us to start the dinner....
Waiting for the dinner

The sunset is just nice....

Not to miss my grandparents. I was raised up by them when I was a toddler, then I was brought back to KL before I turn 2.

The dinner ended quite late, and when we're about to took our car, the gate was locked. We parked our car in a school nearby, and apparently the school's guard had lock up the gate and went elsewhere. Oh well, we borrowed a relative's car to get back to our hotel.

We're very tired when we get back to our hotel. Heheh, I've debited RM 150 that night through that night!! :D

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