12 February 2006

3rd and 4th day of CNY

3rd day of CNY

Wow it's sooooooo hot in Kedah!!! Some of us get sick, especially my father due to the "extreme" weather. However we still have to continue our journey to visit friends and relatives.

First stop is my sis' friend who're also staying in Sg Petani. Had lunch with them and then we went back to my grandparent's place to get our car back, the car has been locked in the school since last night. Too bad our car is black, it's like a giant toaster inside the car!! It's sooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooot after leaving the car down the fierce sunshine. Luckily my butt wasnt burn up!

We headed to my paternal aunt's house in Alor Star. Heard their stories of the flood hits Kedah few weeks ago, and also their free trip to Austria by winning contests, kinda interesting. We had our dinner at a restraunt we always went when we visit my aunt. Kudos to their food.

It's alrdy 8pm, we head back to grandparents place before we head back to KL on the next day.

4th day of CNY

We head back to KL around afternoon, everything seems to be fine, even my handphone's SMS alert on traffic report state it's smooth. But things changed when we're in the middle of the journey, near Ipoh are in Perak. There's heavy jam over there, very terrible, but it's not caused by accidents(thankfully), it's just simply because many people are alrdy rushing back to Klang Valley to prepare for work alrdy.

We have to struggle for the whole journey until my father decided to take an alternative road at Rawang. We had our lunch + dinner there, it was about 5.30pm that time.

We get home at 6.30pm, everyone's exhausted, tomorrow still moving on to Genting Highlands.

Counted the angpows, had RM 350 with me. Ka ching!!

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