10 February 2006

Chinese New Year Day 1

My family is a little "anti-traditional", we still in KL on the 1st day of CNY, when others will probably back to their hometown to celebrate with the entire family. We still stay in KL to visit some places to celebrate with the rest of KL'ers.

First stop is MCA HQ, Wisma MCA at Jln Ampang. On the way to Wisma MCA, I spotted lots of expensive cars roaming around KL streets. Spotted Mercz CLK, Brabus E class K4, Ferrari, and the ultimate Bentley.

Nothing much to do in Wisma MCA, other than eat, take photos with VIPs and observing the crowds. Lots of politicians there.... all the ministers.... etc.

2nd destination, a Taoist temple(a renovated semi-D to be exact), hosted by my father's friend. They say it's good to offer prayer on the 1st day of CNY. We had our lunch there.

We went home and rest after that, evening going to The Mines to catch a CNY special show.

Before we drive to The Mines, we stop by Ukay Perdana, a new housing district to have a look at our new house. We havent decide want to move or not, but even if we move, it's not so far away from our old house. :D

There's few events happening in The Mines. Firstly we went to ChengHo's museum since the we've lots of time to spare. It's a nice museum, will try to post some pics if it's available.

Inside the park, there's light show going on. They decorate different kinds of buildings and objects, kinda interesting.

The show starts at 9pm, my father met his friend at the show, so lucky to get angpow while watching the show! Anyway, the show is nice, very nice indeed, and the show ends with some big bang fireworks.

We're hungry after the show, but there's nowhere we can get our dinner, all the chinese restraunts are closed. We ended up eating at a mamak stall, at a very quiet neighbourhood.

The next day, going back to my mother's hometown at Kedah, planned to wake up at 6am!

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