14 January 2006

Mission Friday

Since last week, I'm looking foward for Friday so I can be with her after activities.

I know she's in charge of Math Club's stall, so I dare not to bug her. While I'm moving in the crowd to take photos, I notice she's moving around and not looking after the Math club stall. Stil, I didnt bug her.

After the whole activity, I catch up with her. She said she's going to tuition later, so I cant follow her go back this time. I kinda upset, but decides to stay at school to accompany her to finish off her work. She also told me that she spent most of the time during the activity to deal with Ms Lee OP, the bitchy teacher in our school. She had a tough time to deal with the witch, but thankfully it's all over now.

While I was walking with her to the library, few of my friends notice me walking with her. They didnt say anything but from their eyes I can know what they're thinking then.

WX is having meeting with the Math Club commitee(all of them are my friends). I waited outside the library with my friend Kenyi who're also waiting for his girl Karen, the president of the Math Club. Both of us are bored, so we decide to wait inside the library instead of outside.

It was 3.30pm, WX told me she must leave the school so that she can catch up with her tuition. I went down to the canteen and buy her a sandwich. She's too shy to recieve the sandwich, I dont plan to force her eat either. In the end I gave the sandwich to another friend.
WX said she's not going tuition, and her father came to fetch her back. I'm 'lucky' to took the ride back with her and my friend whom ate my sandwich earlier.

Her father drop me at Desa Setapak, I walk back home from there and reach home safe and sound around 4.15pm.

This time is a different experience though, I wonder what will it be next Friday? :P


  1. oi buddy u pak to liao ah?freak me out man!!

    its been quite a time i din c ur blog entries, and so.. the CLF n LWX stuff here seems like quite interesting boh =D

    btw, the LWX is my x-classmate right?

  2. Hehehe, yep our ex-classmate. :P