16 January 2006

Football Training

I should've blog this last Saturday, but because I'm going airport to fetch my sis, so couldnt blog about it...

Saturday morning I wake up at 7.30am, had to sacrifice last night's time to chat with WX.... Anyway, football is more important than girls in my opinion. :P

When I reach school around 8am, the coach(actually is my teacher, Mr Morthy) asked us run circle on the field for 7 mins before I can touch the ball. After the 7 mins run, we do warm-up exercises.

First training, Morthy asked us form a group of 12 ppl. We train to kick the ball pass a person's head and land on the other teammate's leg. I'm the first one to take the shot, no prob for me. :P
Those who cant shot as what Morthy asked have to do push-up for 5 times....

2nd training is the craziest.... run in a short distance full speed for countless times. At first everyone run crazily, but soon all of us are exhausted. Had to learn breathing skill and then continue run again and again....

We later divided into 5 person a group, playing team match.

On the first game, I couldnt perform well. I cant chase the ball like what I use to do, my waist is hurt because of the previous running training. Luckily we won the game with my cousin Lin Jye's cool finisher. :D

Soon we had to run madly again.... this time I really cant stand it. My stamina is getting from bad to worse. :(

We had a quick rest, and then we went to a "bigger" game, 9 vs 9. My group have some of the best players around. We went competing with F4 students.

We had the first-ball advantage, but we just rush and pass quickly to the center-half field of the opponent. I got the ball and tried to get my way into attacking position. Somehow, my feint(trick) doesnt work well as their defender posses the ball.
The F4 starting to attack us, I run back to my own half tries to clear off the ball. I cant remember much how they play, but eventually the ball slips into the back of the net. Game lost.

The training came to the end around 10am. We couldnt continue to play because our permit is untill 10am. Went home exhausted.....

I recall what makes me play below my normal performance, and found 2 key figure that make me play badly.

  • If it's not the crazy-running practise, I definitely sitll have the energy to play on the field. My waist hurts when I tried to run faster. It's just.... my body hurts when I run on the field after the running.
  • The ball. Somehow I'm not use to the Kappa ball in the training. The ball is slippery, hardly get the feel when the ball's under my control. Too slippery means easier to let ball slip away. I strongly prefer Adidas or Nike's ball.

    Fevernova and Aerow 90.
    My football, Fevernova Glider MS & Total 90 Aerow

    But anyway, I think I'll continue the training this week, if I've time to play. Hopefully.... this time I can play better.
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    1. haha.. morthy as your coach ar..
      Not bad, keep going on.