19 January 2006

My new MP3 player!

Evening father came back from office and came out with a box. I and my 2nd sis rush for it because it's a brand new MP3 player!! My old one is dying, so I "snatch" it from my sis as her player is still playable. It's my day after all, my sis "surrenders" the MP3 player from me, mwahahahahaha!!!

MP3 player specs:

Samsung Yepp YP-55
128 MB
SRS, WOW 3D Surround Sound
MP3/WMA playback
FM radio
MP3 Encoding

Although the specs are almost same as my previous player, but this one added the 3D Surround Sound & MP3 Encoding. The 3D surround is so damn cool!!! Listening portable music never been so satisfying before!! :D

This player uses 1 AAA battery, whereas my previous player is USB-charge. This is quite good, though I've to invest money to get the batteries. It's very useful as I dont need to charge the player with computer when there's no computer around. :)

I've to take good care of this player, if not I'll probably get another one years to go.

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