13 January 2006

2006 School Activity Day

I apologize, but now I'm very tired. I wanted to blog about this great day today, but I'm just cant stand the sleep bug....

Anyway, I've uploaded photos to my Flickr, if you're interested feel free to go.

There'll be a video about the drama I "participated", a very funny and interesting drama.... will talk about that later when I'm free. :)


The time is moving very fast.... I still can remember last year's co-curiculum orientation day. That's the first big-scale activity our school will have every year.

Last year I didnt blog much about it, other than posting few pics of the activity. Sigh.... now I really regret I dont spend some time to blog about the whole activity. In order to redeem my lost, I shall write full coverage of the activity day our school had during Friday.

This post is meant for myself, and my schoolmates. Outsiders might find it's quite confusing or no idea at all, well.... helpless.

Ok, the main story will starts now....

Last year I'm in charge of PP's stall, but this time I'm a freelance photographer. The settings of the stalls are just like last year, minus last year's decorations. This year's stalls are abit messy...

I'm not really in the mood to take photos, so I only take afew pics that's "presentable".

Compare to last year, this year's student is more than last year.


Art Club's stall design.... from good to bad, sigh....


Key Club is like selling their t-shirts in "pasar malam".

Judo Club using their worn & rusty posters to promote themselves....

My dear PP..... totally not eye-catching at all!!

Our school's police cadet is the best around the area, so it wont be so hard for us to ask some help from policeman.

The scouts are proud of their trophy, the largest/highest trophy in our school.

Chess Club is gaining popularity from students too. See how many students are there to watch the game.

Later on, my friend ChinWei asked me to help him with their drama(a joint-drama of PBSM(Red Cresent), KP(Police cadet) & Bomba(firefighter)). He ask me to be the hostage.

My role is very minor, according to the storyline, I'm sitting inside a bank waiting for something, then suddently the robbers struck the bank. I was being held as a hostage by a robber(my classmate actually). The robber held me while negotiating with the police. The robber was shot dead by the 1st bang and I'm suppose to down at the 2nd bang(die). Then I lie down there for the rest of the drama until the end....

Sounds funny right? The whole drama is even funnier, more exciting. Luckily I asked my friend help my record down the whole drama.

It's very funny I think, I follow all the storyline 'til the shooting scene. Remember I was suppose to be dead by the shot right? I didnt die in the end. Because.... I'm running down and if I fall down to pretend dead, I'll probably hit the crowd. So I run into the crowd and join my friend who're helping me recording the whole drama.

I'm glad the drama is recorded 100%, but I'm stupid enough to stop the recording at the very last scene, when the police steps on the robbers to declare victory.

Ah.... it's nice to participate in such drama, my last year in the school, this will serve as a great memory for myself!! ;)

P/S: I had a great chance to be with my girl today, will blog it on the next post. :D

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