10 January 2006

Google Is Taking Over My Computer!!

Google's World
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I've noticed that my daily routine of Internet-surfing is always related to Google.

Though their main page doesnt look so special, but it's internal content will stun anyone who presume Google is a weak website(only net-n00bs will say this).

For any info I'm looking for, Google will be my first choice search-engine to get the info I wanted. Google rarely fails me.

Besides their search engine, Google evolved into a multi-function software developer. Not all of the software the provides are original, but it's very useful and gets improvement after Google had take in charge.

Right now, my "net-life" will be miserable without Google!!!

Programs/Services I'm using by the name Google....

  • Google Web Accelerator"
      This program speeds up web-surfing. I dont really feel any difference using this, but 56k users surely benefits from this program(according to my 56k-user friend).

  • Google Toolbar
      A very, very useful toolbar from Google for web-browsing. It has both IE and Firefox's own version of toolbar. Both versions are the same except compatible with which browser.
      I highly recommand this program as it's useful for Google-crazy web surfers.

  • Google Desktop
      It's like the Google Toolbar, except this one is more handy with alot of functions. This program is meant to search files on the computer easier and faster. Other than that, there's lots of things you can do with the Google Desktop with it's sidebar.
      You might think it's annoying and bugging to have the sidebar blocking the right side. Fine then, you may switch it to a much simple version with just a few click, minus the cool features.
      The only drawback is, it eats up quite some memory...

    1. hey im just a random person surfing over the internet and found your blog. its good to see a guy as crazy over football as me:p i like the new predator absolutes a fair bit i think the original red and black is the best colour as well but i dont mind the white and gold well keep up the good blogging

    2. Anonymous ,

      Well thanks for your comment. It's nice to find someone shares the same interest. :)

      Please send me an e-mail, or leave your e-mail here so we can keep in touch. :)