09 January 2006

Co-curiculum Activities

For the past years, I've join a few societies/clubs in my school. But now.... I'm regret I didnt join some of the clubs/societies few years ago... missed lots of great chances to achieve something in school.

Societies/Clubs I've been involved.

  • SRM/School Magz Commitee
      Join this last year, for the sake of our school's annual magazine.

      I'm under the computer/multimedia/designer group, which our team handles most of the design part and the divider section. We're also technician when the computer in the room needs any help.

      A great experience I must say, thought this year I'm "retired".

  • Students Union/Persatuan Pelajar
      One of the treasure I gain in this school. I met alot of friends and learn alot of things in this society.

      We're responsible to take care of certain matters in school, notable during school festivals and activities.

      Currently I'm still in charge in the seasonal tabloid called "Qiao"(桥). I've been talking about the editorial work of the tabloid many times in this blog, most of it are my frustration.

      Right now I'm supervising F4 juniors publishing the tabloid. Now I'm more relax than last time. To be honest, I'm not really interested in this post, but they chose me for this job for unknown reason.

  • Class Monitors' Commitee/AJK Ketua Tingkatan
      This.... is just an 'extra' in my list. I really have nothing to do with this club, but because I'm a class monitor, I'm automatically join this club.

      What do I do in this club? Just one thing, take photo during the photo-taking session happens annually, that's all.
      Anyway, the AJKTs(executives) may have something to do in this commitee, but not me.
  • Photography Club
      I "join" this club last year is because I want to stand with the photography team during school's special events.
      One of the reason is to avoid PP's duty and another one is to capture better pics rather than taking sneak-peek.
  • Chinese Society/华文学会
      I happen to be a "ghostly" member of the CS. I'm not listed in their member list, but I've help them in several occasions.

      I've many friends in this society, so as friend it's ok to help them when they need my help. ;)
  • Geography Club
      Because I'm taking Geo in my SPM, so I've to join this club.

      Althought I'm not chosen as the vice president of this club, but right now I'm acting as one, because the guy who use to be the VP had been sent off by the teacher.

      This club is almost totally controlled by the teacher alone, left the pity president had to take cover of many things in most occasions.
  • Chess Club
      My classmates happen to be the 'executives' of the club.
      Last year year end when we've nothing to do, they'll sneak in few chess/board games for us to play. My favourite game is Connect Four.
  • Table Tennis(Ping Pong) Club
      Also because of my classmates. Sometimes during Friday I'll spend my afternoon playing table tennis in their broken but playable room for free(membership fee waived).
      My notable tactic in the game is my screw(curl) ball, which is cool but hard to control.

  • Societies/Clubs that I regret I didnt join.

  • Computer Club
      Actually I've signup for this club when I was in F1, but because they dont organise activities that interest me, I've forgotten this club long ago.

      Last year when they announce their new president, I was amused + "WTF" with their decision. Seriously, the president is very poor in computer knowledge. I dare to declare myself know MORE than he does.
  • English Language Society
      I didnt join this society at the first place because that time when I was exposed to ELS, I'm still weak in my Eng. I thought that was only for those English-speaking students in the school.

      Recently I've seen disimprovement(See? My Eng still sux) in ELS. I wish I can help them out but.... I actually dont regret I didnt join ELS, just.... felt that if I'm in there I'll probably help them came out something to promote ELS...
  • Science Club
      I regret the most I didnt join this club....

      First of all, this club has ALOT of SYTs, including my girl. Gee... why no one ask me join this club last year? I'll probably had a good chance of being one of it's 'executives'. :S

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Sigh.... regret is useless now, time had passed, I cant change the fact anymore. I'll be losing few more certificates at the end of my study in secondary school.....
    Leaves me something bad I had to remember in the future....

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