05 January 2006

Exhausted & Busy

When I read back blogpost I written last year, I laugh at myself.
I was looking foward for the year(2005), and now I'm just like walking through a path, but ends up at the same starting point from where I begin my life last year.

This year is different, no more lame excuse for myself not to study harder. I've missed my holiday doing revision. I may not be able to online for so long time this year. After all, I'll be facing alot stress, mainly from studying and exams.

I dunno am I right for doing 'this' this year? They say if having affair like this are tiring. Hmm... I'm a noob, had to go through the process to learn how to be a more successful guy.
Anyway, we're going on slowly, and low profile. Sometimes I hate myself for telling so many ppl about this relationship, but those who know this are my closer friends, or some lucky ones.
It seems I'm not the only one starting 'this' this year. :P

I'm now concentrate more in doing homeworks + study. I wont be that active on the net. You still can see me online MSN, but I would chat lesser than usual. If I'm busy , I would probably ignore any chat if it's not important.

I'm now more looking foward in studies, try to enjoy every subjects eventhough I dislike it at the first place, like AddMath & Phyz.

I'll be free, totally free, at the end of this year, still got 11 months to go.....


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