03 January 2006

Life goes on in school

This year, I've to treasure every minutes and seconds I spend in school. After all, this year could be my last year I'll spend in this school. Who knows? Maybe I'll still attend few months of Form 6, like my seniors do?

I felt nice to be back in school, meet with fellow friends once again. I see many junior friends are in morning session this year. This will be a new experience for them.

First day's assembly usually is owned by the principal Mr Chu himself, whom talk for 1 hour non-stop.
I tried to start a talk with my girl, but found out we can only chat for very few things then I stop. But anyway some of her friends are chatting with her, not nice if I interrupt girl's business. You know, I still dont want be too obvious at this moment. :P

This year my form teacher is Ms Siah, an English teacher. I heard from my girl last year she teaches them History, which suck. But then I had kinda nice feeling with this Ms Siah, not as horrible as what my friends describe.

My classmates are very automatic, they switch back to the place where they sit last year. I was thinking if I want to change my place, but I guess I've no choice to change anymore.

The class' commitee members doesnt change that much. Almost everyone is having the same job, as I'm still the asst. monitor of the class. :)

Too bad, some of our new teachers sucked... I fear I wont be doing well in my Math, because the new teacher's sound is too soft. I'm sitting behind, so hard for me to listen what she's saying. :S

Anyhow, looks like some of the teachers are doing pretty well with our class. Kinda regret my AddMath teacher Mdm Phoon had transfer to Sg Besi. :(

Today's tired, after school I still have to attend tuition class. Luckily this time the time is a little shorter compare to last year.
After tuition, my gang had our usual feast at the mamak stall near our tuition center.

Back to school is fun, but facing the year-end SPM is scary. I might decrease the time I online then.....

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